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Thank you for visiting my gallery! I hope you will find something you love for yourself or for gifting to a loved one. Whichever of my paintings speak to you, they can each be purchased as a printed canvas ready for hanging or as a notecard for any occasion.

Please continue to check back as I am always in my studio creating new artwork.

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River to Sea


Canvas Prints

Rejuvenate your home and your soul with my nature-inspired landscape artwork. Let me take you deep into the mountains under a full moon’s light, or outstretched across the sea with a blazing sunrise overhead. Experience tranquility, renewal, and fulfillment inside and out.

Images of my paintings are recreated on Artisan Archival Canvas, thinly stretched and mounted
with back archival backing. They arrive packaged securely in a flat box.

11” x 14” available for $130.00
16” x 20” available for $160.00

For custom sizing, please contact me at [email protected].


Linen Notecards

Let your loved ones truly know how you feel with a handwritten note. All images are available as notecards, printed on fine art linen paper and folded. The inside is left blank, ready for your sentiment, and the notecard is accompanied by a simple white envelope.

All paintings are available as notecards, printed on fine art linen paper. The inside is left blank,
ready for your sentiment, accompanied by a simple white envelope.

5” x 7” available for $6.00

Please contact me at [email protected] for purchases.


Also available for purchase at Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls, OH. Check us out in the local artists section.

Full Moon and Stars
Fiery Sunset
River to Sea
Cool Sunset

Recent Gallery of Paintings

River to Sea

The inspiration behind the NettiNotes tagline, “Rejuvenate your home and your soul,” this painting captures the dawning of a new day. Follow the path of the strong, flowing river. Catch the sunrise as it glistens brightly off the wondrous sea. Take in the bold bursts of pink, orange, and red alongside the calming breaks of blue and green. Experience a renewal deep within yourself. Feel it wash over your body and out into your whole home. Rejuvenate, refresh, reenergize – repeat.

River to Sea

Tuscan Sun

The rising sun at dusk illuminates olive greens, bright yellows, and rich burgundies along the rolling hillsides. This Tuscan-inspired painting is a nod to the beauty and boldness of the Italian renaissance and extensive cultural rebirth. Its warmth and depth will invoke a rejuvenation within your home and a rediscovery within your soul.

Cool Sunset

You can almost feel the slight drop in temperature and subtle tickle of the wind as the sun sinks into cool waters in this landscape painting. Perhaps the seasons are changing, or a storm is approaching. Or maybe it’s just that perfect point in the evening when the warmth of the sun gives way to the coolness of the night. Relax and unwind as you surrender to the dark shadows and soothing blues, greens, and purples of this satisfying scene.


Autumn Sun

A new coolness fills the air on this pristine Autumn evening. Calm water flows gently through the mountainside as a halcyon sun drifts below the horizon. A wildflower known for its health benefits, Goldenrod outlines the painting and casts a deep, golden hue throughout the scene. Relax and unwind from the day and revel in the tranquility that envelopes you in this Autumn Sun painting.


Fiery Sunset

That feeling you get when you happen to catch the most breathtaking sunset after a long, beautiful day This painting captures one of those awe-inspiring moments as waves crash the mountainside and the blazing sun gives one final burst of color before dipping beneath the horizon. Fiery yellows, oranges, and reds provide the perfect contrast to the softer natural tones throughout the landscape. Captivating and electrifying, the layers and depth of this painting are sure to spark something deep within you.


Winter Mountain Scene

You can feel the crisp air surrounding you and the frost crunching underfoot in this enchanting and entrancing winter-inspired painting. Snow-capped pine trees give way to a bold, magenta skyline while calming shades of blue, white, and gray seamlessly blend together to create the perfect mountainside escape. Elevate your thoughts and your senses while refreshing your home with a print of this majestic Winter Mountain Scene.


Colorado River

With its varying layers of Indigo, Periwinkle, and cobalt blue that rise in the mountains and plummet into canyons, this painting pays tribute to the Colorado River’s extensive path as one of the largest rivers in the nation. While this beautiful body of water is a critical resource in the West, it is also an idyllic site for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Whatever is weighing on your mind or troubling your soul, give it to the river and let it flow onward.


Full Moon Over Waters

Have you ever seen anything as peaceful as the full moon’s light as it unveils the beauty of the night? You’ll relish the calmness of this painting’s dark night sky. A glittering moon illuminates the hunter green, magenta, and royal purple coloring along the hilltops. You’ll love having this piece in your bedroom or anywhere relaxation is desired. Release the stress of the day and unwind amid the hypnotic sound of a flowing river and the twinkling glow of dozens of enchanting stars overhead.

New Mexico Sky

A magenta lenticular cloud caps a stunning desert landscape in this New Mexico-inspired painting, which is just as colorful and alive as the state itself. From the captivating sky down to the cracked, dry earth – and every cactus and tumbleweed in between – revel in the bold purples, greens, and bronze hues in this unique scene. Does it bring out a desolate quiet in you, or inspire a dynamic energy?


Pink Mountain Scape

Have you ever looked out your window into a cold, dreary day and yearned for just a taste of the tropics? As bright pink rolls into coral and royal blue becomes turquoise, your thoughts will turn to a tropical destination with this welcoming print hanging in your home. The lush, rolling mountains and hot sunshine peeking from behind billowing clouds exude the warmth, pleasure, and peace you desire inside and out.


Goodnight Earth

Watch the hues move from light to dark as the radiant moon balances above the treetops in this enchanting painting capturing the end of the day. Glimpses of golden yellow peek through a majestic landscape, accented with bursts of magenta. Day turns to night as chartreuse turns to shamrock, and then melts into a deep emerald green. Exhale the strain and stress of the day. Inhale the quiet, tranquility, and stillness of the night. Close your eyes and thank our Earth for another beautiful day.

Ocean View

Who doesn’t aspire for a room with an ocean view? It’s the epitome of rest and relaxation. The pleasing shades of yellow, pink, and purple in this captivating painting will make you feel as though you are on vacation every time you see it hanging in your home. So much so that you can almost feel the sand beneath your toes, the saltwater on your skin, and the scent of sunscreen in the air. Wherever you choose to hang this painting, you will feel a true sense of gratitude for some well-deserved R & R.

Full Moon and Stars

How would it feel to be the only one standing beneath a dark sky full of stars? Be still and experience the quiet, solitude, and tranquility of this painting deep within your soul. The reds, pinks, and purples of the blooming brush give way to the varying shades of blue that create the water, sky, and mountainside. You will feel a balance of both cool relaxation and warm fulfillment as you allow yourself to indulge in the dreaminess of this alluring landscape.

Tropical Scene

Whether it’s the air that has turned cold around you or the chill you are feeling is more internal, this painting is the warm refuge your body and soul need. Slip inside the sanctuary of the painting’s intense colors and warm tones. Imagine yourself wading into the warm, calm water, enveloped by the lush, tropical foliage in honey yellow, rust orange, crimson red, and chestnut brown. Feel the protection of the soaring mountains that surround you. Lay back, stretch out, and relax underneath the perfect golden sun – allowing it to warm you from the outside in.

Misty Waters

The cool, clear skies and chilled, light wind of the night create the perfect conditions for this painting’s mist over the water. A bright white moon and blanket of creamy stars sit atop the misty waters, casting a light, airy, and billowy swirl of blues and grays. Some onlookers may become subdued and sense a feeling of heaviness, while others may experience more of an ethereal energy. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Thank you for visiting my boutique and for your support of my small business – and my dream.

If you would like to learn more about how to purchase my artwork, please contact me at [email protected].

River to Sea