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Netti Notes

Jeanette Livingston

Hi, I’m Jeanette

and my passion is creating artwork. Welcome to NettiNotes, my online boutique featuring prints and notecards beautifully created from my original canvas paintings. As an artist living in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, I am best known for my hand painted landscapes that stir feelings of tranquility, renewal, and purpose.

Through my paintings, you can slip from the hustle of your everyday life into the peaceful reflection of the moon on calm water, the rousing glow of a fiery sunset, or the rejuvenation of a bright sun rising over a flowing river.

When you hang one of my paintings in your home, send a notecard to a loved one, or purchase a piece as a gift, I hope you experience the same peace, restoration, and fulfillment as I do in creating them.

My landscape-based art style

is a constant journey of revitalization and revelation

I am continuously learning about myself, developing as an artist, and uncovering the depths of my passions and talents. It is truly a process of discovery and growth, which is reflected in the dramatic colors, light, and shadows within each painting. In my new artist blog, you can learn more about how art is a central influence in my life, the dreams, feelings, and inspiration behind my artwork, and the creative processes I use to develop each piece.

Full Moon and Stars
Fiery Sunset
River to Sea
Cool Sunset
River to Sea

Luxuriate in a striking piece of art

for yourself or a loved one

Please take a moment to visit my gallery and discover for yourself the depth, passion, and purpose behind my paintings.

Greet visitors with a blazing sunrise in your entryway. Fall asleep gazing at a dark sky full of bright stars over mountains in your bedroom. Reenergize with the crashing of waves against rocky surroundings in your kitchen.

Whichever piece speaks to you and wherever you choose to feature it, my artwork will conjure memories, reveal emotions, lift your energy, and highlight life’s beauty.

Leave a lasting impression

with my elegant notecards

In a technology-driven world, everyone still loves receiving a hand-written card. Whether in thanks, celebration, or sympathy –or even “just because” –your favorite NettiNotes paintings can be turned into elegant notecards. My cards are intentionally left blank inside so that you can add the perfect sentiment for your loved ones.


Also available for purchase at Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls, OH. Check us out in the local artists section.

Note Cards
Note Cards

Thank you for visiting my boutique and for your support of my small business – and my dream.

If you would like to learn more about how to purchase my artwork, please contact me at [email protected]

River to Sea